Pawsitively Brilliant provides in-home services for dog training and behavior correction in Saratoga County and the surrounding areas. Common behavior problems addressed include aggression, resource guarding, fear, and anxiety. Training services are offered in-home for obedience issues not conducive to group training, or for those unable to travel outside the home. For general obedience issues, group classes are generally recommended, and referrals to a good local group class are available on request. 

In general, behavior correction will start with an in depth Functional Assessment Interview (FAI) to determine the exact nature of the problem behavior including triggers, results, and reactions. Once the FAI is complete, a Behavior Modification Plan (BMP) is created and the in-home consultations can begin. Exact training procedures and protocols are formulated and discussed on a case by case basis and customized to meet your needs, and the consultations are designed to simultaneously instruct and assist in carrying out the BMP. The following options are available:

One 1-hour session: $100.00

Two 1-hour sessions: $150.00

Four 1-hour sessions: $200.00

All pricing is in US Dollars and does not include applicable sales tax. Outside of Saratoga County, New York a travel surcharge of 50 cents per mile will be added per session. 
Use the form below for a free consultation to discuss what package will be best for your situation and what you can expect from the training experience. There is no charge for conducting the FAI, you are only billed when we actually start implementing the BMP together. 
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